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Meet Deb Gruver

The woman behind Word Scout

You’ll want to work with me if you appreciate:


  • Showing — not telling.

  • Wicked wit.

  • Compassion and empathy for days.

You’ll probably not want to work with me

if you want someone who keeps her
whip-smart mouth shut.

I’m bold and tenacious, always speak my mind and love words in a way that borders on madness.

Come work with me.

I’m the founder and owner of Word Scout Communications Solutions.


Drawing on 26 years of daily journalism experience and 31 years in communications,

I started my own company to help businesses and nonprofits shine and also

because I’m *really* not a morning person.

Word Scout provides writing, editing, proofreading and public and media relations solutions.

I throw a little love into everything I do.

You should come along for the ride.

deb caricature 4.png

Scout was a border collie

who found Deb on the streets of Wichita in 2009. 

He sadly had to leave her and her husband in 2016

because his heart was too big.

He was her sunshine.

Now he is her muse. 

Come join us and feel the love.


Why "Word scout"?

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